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This high quality print is from a piece by artist IDEE620 calles 'The Boy'. It is a combination of vibrant reds, blacks and soft grey tones. The original is done with Acrilics on hard-board. Like all prints it is done on a thicker type of paper with a mat finish. 


Product information:

. A4 - 297/210mm

. 250gr mat satin-finished paper

. Full color digital print

. Hand Signed


Use instructions:

Do not touch the print without cleaning your hands first. Preferable use gloves when taking out of the tube to prevent any grease or dirt covering the print. When framing use a soft vibercloth to dust of the print and inside of the frame, this without using excessive force or pressure. Make sure you do this in a clean environment and take your time. 

The Boy - Artist IDEE620

€ 15,00Prijs

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