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The Shop

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Meet our team

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Kyra gerdingh

Kyra opened Betty Boop Tattoo & Art in 2019 with the vision of an open and accessible shop where everyone can walk in and feel at home.
Over time the shop became home to a whole team of artists offering various styles.

Kyra loves making floral patterns, fine line work and art deco style tattoos.

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Nadim Haidar

Nadim started piercing as an apprentice in 2014. Over the years he has worked with a number of skilled piercers and learned a variety of piercing techniques. 

In 2021 he joined the Betty Boop team where he tries to provide a relaxed and care-free experience with high hygiene standards

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Fab came into tattooing in 2010. She started out as an apprentice while studying at the Academy of Arts in Tilburg. After completing her apprenticeship and obtaining a degree in fine arts she started working in different tattoo shops.

Fab is allround based but has a soft spot for traditional and neo-traditional style tattoos

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Elke Sillen

Elke has always had a passion for tattoo art. After studying graphic design she decided to follow up on her passion and started apprenticing in 2015. In 2017 she went into business as an independent artist and she has worked in multiple shops over the years.

Elke loves bold lines and dotwork style tattoos but works all round based.

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Michelle V

Michelle has been tattooing since 2014. After finishing her degree in interior design she wanted to go on to study at the art academy, but found an opportunity start as a tattoo apprentice instead. After gaining experience working allround she discovered a love for black and grey style tattoos. She doesn't mind a bit of color, but gets happiest doing black and grey, dotwork, realism and soft shading.

Michelle lives by her creed "Redheads have more fun"

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